Welcome! I’m a hobbyist and IT leader living in Boise.   Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch with me.


I’ve been shooting photography since 2010, and it’s been one of my bigger hobbies and areas of study.  Click one of the photos below to see more like it, or check out my full gallery on DeviantArt.



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Organizational models of mobile payment systems in low-resource environments

Information Technology for Development (May 2017)

The rapid growth and diffusion of mobile phones in the developing world has created an inclusive and dynamic platform to address a smorgasbord of socio-economic challenges. The uptake of mobile payment (m-payment) systems is a compelling example of how such a platform can be leveraged to democratize access to online banking and financial services…

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Making data collection in low-resource contexts intuitive, fun, and interactive

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (San Jose, October 2014)

Community health data can be used to track diseases, facilitate efficient deployment of medical resources, or reduce clinic wait times in fledgling healthcare systems in developing countries. Despite these potential benefits, many electronic data collection, aggregation and digitization projects fail within a few years of launching…

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